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Sit and Stay Awhile

October 6, 2015

2015_10_Swing_0005-228p.jpgSophomore Sophie Kennedy says, "In my opinion one of the best things about Burroughs is easily overlooked by its students: the beautiful campus. I set out to build something in my project technology class that while being fun, would also encourage students to have a greater appreciation for their surroundings." The glider project that she spearheaded was recently installed overlooking Laughing Lake on the south side of campus.

"I thought it would be nice to have something close to a real swing on campus (which because of safety reasons apparently we cannot have), and this seemed like a great alternative," Sophie continues. "Deciding the location was very easy. Laughing Lake is one of my favorite places on campus, and it's vastly underused by my fellow students." Before starting the project, her teacher, Dan Barton (Industrial Technology and Engineering) suggested that she make a presentation to Head of School Andy Abbott. After Mr. Abbott approved her proposal, and the Class of 2015 and the Parents Council agreed to fund the project, Sophie got to work.

IMG_0538-228p.jpgShe had considerable help, not only from Mr. Barton and Chris Lubniewski ’07 (Industrial Technology and Engineering), but from 37 other project technology students and two eighth graders in the required industrial technology/engineering class. Students involved in the project included William Bartnett ’18, Andrew Braswell ’17, Abdullah Brown-El ’18, Kwayera Burrows ’18, Johnny Browning ’19, Loren Case ’18, Tyler Foote ’18, Matthew Fort ’17, Matthew Gelfman ’18, Alison Gill ’18, Paul Gill ’17, Jack Guirl ’17, Sam Holmes ’18, Jay Kanzler ’17, Jason Kemp ’18, Jake Kovalic ’17, Andrew LaDriere ’17, Luke Lamb ’17, Ben Langton ’18, Arianna Latuda ’18, Richard Lottes ’17, Gabriel Maayan ’16, Christian Maglasang ’17, Harris Malik ’17, Dylan Meyer ’19, Nate Milbourn ’18, Derrick Miller ’19, Matt Munger ’17, Slater Nalen ’18, Max Panagos ’18, Andrew Plax ’17, Max Ptasiewicz ’18, Adnaan Raza ’18, George Rogers ’17, Sam Shands ’17, Dhruv Shetty ’17, Kaivon Steinle ’18, Matthew Williams ’18 and Michael Zeigler ’17. Mr. Barton's son, Tyler, also helped.

Projects that improve campus are nothing new to Mr. Barton's curriculum. Former students have built benches for the Commons and the galleries, storage cabinets for the Classics and Science Departments, and tables for the dining room and Family and Consumer Science classroom, to name a few. This year's eighth graders are at work on their project, a new desk for their principal, Julie Harris.