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SMVC Team Honors

April 24, 2009

During assembly on Friday, April 24th, seniors Johnathan Mell and Christy Phelps presented the school with three awards earned earlier that week at the 4th Annual Missouri SuperMileage Challenge in Warrensburg by the JBS SuperMileage Vehicle Club Team. They also showed a video documenting various phases of the project, including design, construction, home brewing of bio-diesel fuel and trial runs.

Twenty schools and 24 cars were entered. Only 13 cars, including Burroughs' bio-diesel car, made it to the track by passing safety tests. After completing five four-mile tracks and averaging 150 miles per gallon (on the fuel cooked in a chemistry class), the team won the People's Choice Award, the Engineering Award and first place for mileage in the Experimental Class.

Faculty advisers to the team include Dan Barton and Brian Connor from the industrial technology department, Eric Hanson and Peggy Davison from the math department, and Eric Knispel and Jim Roble from the science department.

Here are a few pictures from the competition and from the assembly.