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Steve Smith (PP)

February 22, 2019

Steve Smith, past parent, was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal on 2.22.19, in a story on the renovation efforts underway in the Midtown neighborhood: "Smith...came to Midtown looking for a place to store his motorcycles. He has an office at the Security building downtown and wanted a place relatively close by. He wasn't thinking beyond that. 'When I first went down there, I thought I'd do one building that would be a little bit of a man cave where I store my motorcycles, and that would be that,' he said. Yet from that project, at 3323 Locust St., Smith redeveloped about there dozen more in Midtown, focused primarily east of Grand Avenue. He and [Ken] Kranzberg partnered on some and opened restaurants, which they believe added energy to the neighborhood. 'You drive through any neighborhood and see empty storefronts and you think this place isn't happening. But if you've got cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and whatnot, there's a sense of vibrancy there,' Smith said. Smith's latest Midtown project is the much anticipated City Foundry, a $300 million-plus multiphase mixed-use development spanning 15 acres on Forest Park Avenue that will include Punch Bowl Social, Alamo Theater, a food hall, office space and more in 2020. Located near the north end of  SLU and Cortex, City Foundry represents the next generation of development in the area. It's also a sign of how far the area has come since Smith did his first venture in 1999. 'It was a rough, rough area, but it was anchored by Saint Louis University,' he said. 'You could see the trajectory of what was happening. And so with my first investment, I thought, well, how bad can it be when we have a major university a block away?'" Read the whole article here (requires subscription access).