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Student Art Honors

April 29, 2019

During assembly on Monday, April 29, fine arts faculty members Jessica Hunt and Ashley Oates announced awards/recognitions which JBS students earned this school year. Their prepared remarks and sample images follow:

We see impressive art being made by you every day. Thank you for taking creative risks and trying new things.

Today we’d like to highlight some of our students who have won awards or were accepted into local or national exhibitions for their artwork. You’ll also be seeing some of the classes, field trips and projects created this past year. Student art work exists all over campus, and, as a reminder, we’d like to invite you to see the Intensive Art students’ work in the Bonsack show which is opening Friday, May 17 at 5:30 pm.

This is just a glimpse into the kind of talent that exists in our department. If you are not recognized today, keep making and keep applying. As artists, we understand the inherent vulnerability that is present making and showing art. It is challenging, but it gives you a unique voice to communicate your ideas, create a sense of beauty, and really generate strong emotions in the world.

There are four juried competitions that accepted Burroughs students this year. 

The first is The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards which has been around since 1923 and provides opportunities for young artists and writers, filmmakers, photographers, poets, sculptors, video game artists and science fiction writers to be recognized first regionally – and then those with gold keys move on to the national level.

  • Hallie Williams received a Silver Key in Drawing & Illustration as well as a Silver Key in Photography (see below)
  • Irmak Karasinir received 1 Silver Key in Comic Art (see below)
  • Avi Dundoo received 2 Gold Keys in Drawing & Illustration and 1 Gold Key in Architecture & Industrial Design. Avi also received 2 Silver Keys in Drawing & Illustration and another Silver Key in Sculpture and one honorable mention for Drawing & Illustration (see below)
  • Gabby Randall received 1 Silver Key in Drawing & Illustration for her self-portrait
  • Zoe Scully received two honorable mentions. One for Sculpture (Anne Martin’s turkey) and one for Drawing & Illustration for her self-portrait
  • Ben Guller received 1 Gold Key in Photography
  • Jason Zhou received 1 Silver Key in Mixed Media (see right)

This second juried competition is local and is the Emerson Young Artists' Showcase at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. “This show is a juried, all-media exhibition of artwork created by high school students between 15 and 19 years old residing within 150 miles of the St. Louis Artists' Guild.” They have hundreds of submissions — so those that are accepted — it’s a huge honor in and of itself.

  • Holly Wei for her one point perspective collage
  • Irmak Karasinir for her charcoal wire drawing
  • Will Forsen for his ceramic vessel
  • Sarah Herbster for her multi-colored relief print
  • Eli Hurwitz for their charcoal wire drawing
  • Kaelin Borcherding for her multi-colored relief print
  • Janie Shanahan for her photographic self-portrait
  • Emma Schoenecker for her fabric study in clay
  • Amy Phillips received the Nanda Silva Prize at the Young Artists Showcase St. Louis Artists’ Guild (see below)

The third juried show is the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville High School Exhibition. “The Department of Art and Design at SIUE sponsors an annual juried High School Art Exhibition that runs February-March. Junior and senior level high school students within a 50-mile radius of Edwardsville are eligible to compete in the exhibition.”

  • Sofia di Lodivico for her mixed media work
  • Lily Orchard for her ceramic vessel
  • Jason Zhou for his two sculptures
  • Claire Pan for her metal, origami and light sculpture

And, finally, the NCECA’s Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, which took place in Minneapolis, MN and was seen by thousands of visitors from all over the world during NCECA’s annual conference.

  • Camille Smith for her ceramic trompe l'oeil sculpture received Honorable Mention

Congratulations to everyone!