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Student Leadership 2016-2017

April 21, 2016

Congratulations to students who were elected in April 2016 to serve as class and school-wide officers for the 2016-2017 school year. They will begin work later this month.

1605_Leaders_0005a-208.jpgStudent Body President
Luke Lamb '17 (on left)

Chief Justice
Joe Tischler '17 (on right)

Teddy Martin '17
John Harry Wagner '17
Eddie Ko '18
Turner Carlson '19
Hugh McKelvy '20
Leyla Fern King '21

Class of 2017
President, Aidan Reid
Vice President, Max Williams
Secretary/Treasurer, Hamaad Raza

Class of 2018
President, Dahlia Haddad
Vice President, Alex Smith
Secretary/Treasurer, Max Krupnick

Class of 2019
President, Isaac Bledsoe
Vice President, Avi Dundoo
Secretary/Treasurer, Kate Stengel

Class of 2020
President, Ari Krupnick
Vice President, Henry Baur
Secretary/Treasurer, Emma Petite

Class of 2021
President, John Abbott
Vice President, Michael Turza
Secretary/Treasurer, Kendall Allen