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Sue McCollum (PP)

January 18, 2019

Sue McCollum, past parent, was featured in the 1.18.19 edition of the St. Louis Business Journal, in an article titled "Glass Half Full": "Several years ago, Sue McCollum was facing near insurmountable odds. She had just taken over leadership of Major Brands from her husband, Todd Epsten, who led the family-owned beer, liquor and wine distribution service before his premature death in 2012. That's when her company's position in the industry was challenged. By 2014, after several supplier contracts were abruptly terminated, Major Brands' revenue had plummeted to a historic low of $350 million. But McCollum always viewed the glass as half-full. 'I am as passionate as ever about leading the organization and sharing the importance of values-based leadership which was a major part of how I navigated through our challenges,' she said. 'Life is made up of a series of defining moments and how we respond at each turn informs the outcome.' Today, her company has revenue of $414 million and features solid relationships with some of the top craft beer brands in the region, including Urban Chestnut and 4 Hands. McCollum spoke to the Business Journal head of the 14th annual Women's Conference and shared insight she's learned as a woman in business." The full story is here, but requires a subscription for access.