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Valerie Bell (PP)

August 8, 2019

Valerie Bell, past parent, was profiled in the St. Louis American on 08.08.19: "Explaining the impact that attorney and civic volunteer Valerie Bell has had on education in St. Louis can be a little complicated.But her husband, Kelvin Westbrook, a successful business consultant and board chair of BJC HealthCare, has a helpful analogy. The St. Louis Public School District is like an elephant, he said, and there are various people who want to help move this elephant in the right direction by donating funds. In the past, some were pushing at the trunk and others at the legs. 'The elephant, consequently, didn’t move at all,' Westbrook said. When Bell became the board chair of the St. Louis Public School Foundation eight years ago, she did some research, listened to the school district community, and decided to completely upend how the foundation – which is in charge of managing donations to the district – had been operating. What Bell did was lead the foundation in coming up with four main areas where funders could plug in, essentially making sure that people were all pushing in the same direction." Read the whole story here