Every year, parents continue the Burroughs tradition of providing homemade cookies daily for students and staff.

The parents of each student are asked to provide five dozen large, nut-free cookies on their assigned day. The bookstore sells the cookies for 5¢ each following the three lunch periods. You can be assured that your children greatly appreciate the effort and are disappointed when there are not enough to go around!

Parents can substitute another treat, such as brownies, Rice Krispies treats, or a healthy snack, but please remember to:

  • Do not use recipes containing nuts.  If you choose to purchase treats, please check the label of ingredients to make sure that they are nut-free.
  • Bring the full five dozen on your scheduled day. 
  • Switch with someone else in your grade, if you know that you are unable to bring treats on your assigned day
  • Send your cookies, wrapped for freezing, on another day, if you forget (gasp!) on your assigned day!
  • Mark your name on any container that you plan to retrieve later

Parents will receive a schedule for the 2017-2018 school year by e-mail, as well as a mailed postcard reminder. You may also check the grade calendars below.
7th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018

8th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018

9th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018

10th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018

11th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018

12th Grade Cookie Calendar 2017-2018