Parents Council Board

JBS parents are automatically members of the Parents Council, which fosters involvement and communication within the parent body and with the school.

2018-2019 Parents Council Board

The Council provides a variety of services, sponsors student, parent and community events and raises funds for the benefit of the students, faculty and administration. The Council functions through a board comprised of an executive committee, nominating chair, standing committees, and grade chairs.

President: Rob Leavitt
Vice President:
Heather Strahorn
Secretary: Friederike Wykes
Liz Isaak

Annual Dinner & Auction: Norene Bennett, Monica Tekwani
Blue & Gold Dance: Tiffany Starks, Linda Roby
Rachel Wilkins, Kirsten Schultz, Rachel Rackers
Family Network: 
Kellie Hynes, Julie Hyken
Mary Hohenberg, Anne Fernandez, Joan Sheets
Library: Anya Drozdova, Elizabeth Peng
Lost and Found: Robyn Huhn, Melissa Kantrovitz
Nominating: Anne Bishop
Potpourri: Mary Tricamo-Park, Ben Park, Kristin Pass, Daryl Rosen-Huitt
The Producers: Susie Hizar, Jana Allen
Seniors & Seniors' Parents Party: Alyson Garland, Leslie Nicolais
Summer Opportunities Fair: Melissa Sauter, Beth Herbster, Ranjana Morgan
Unique Boutique: Susan Jones, Stephanie Greenberg
7th Grade Co-Chairs: Jennie & Jeff Downes, Cindy & David Levin
8th Grade Co-Chairs: Karen & Shawn Holmes, Lisa & Pete Sinton
9th Grade Co-Chairs: Alyssa & Rob Barrale, Lisa & David Christenson
10th Grade Co-Chairs: Avani & Mike Nayak, Aimee & Tim Rowbottom
11th Grade Co-Chairs: Katy Benoit, Wendy & Peter Panagos, Carolyn & John Petite
12th Grade Co-Chairs: Cathy & Paul Carlson, Kelly Fleming & Philippe Ballet, Stephanie & John Nash

Parents Council Board Meetings
All meetings held in the Commons, Conference Room 2

Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 8:30-9:30 am

Final Parents Council Board Meeting: May 16, 10:30 am; Luncheon follows at 11:30am