Philosophies & Policies

In accordance with the school’s statement of philosophy, the Athletic/Physical Education department urges each student/athlete to pursue his or her potential and to act in effective and positive ways for the good of all through physical activity and interscholastic competition but to do so with the realization that such activity and competition is more important to the education of the student/athlete than is the result of the contest.

image_preview.jpegRequired of all students each year, the Athletic/Physical Education program is based on the premise that participation in some form of competitive activity as well as knowledge about the proper care and treatment of the individual’s body and mind afford the best backdrop against which to teach those skills and values vital to every person’s well-being.  Thus, strong inter-scholastic programs in a variety of sports as well as programs in physical training have been organized and are offered as an integral component of the John Burroughs School educational experience.  Values most important to our program are teamwork, cooperation, good sportsmanship, love of physical activity, and fitness.

Physical Education in Grades 7 & 8 

Physical activity and athletics are a requirement for every student.  In seventh and eighth grade, a 1-1/2 hour physical education period, four days a week, is part of the regular school day.  Seventh graders are introduced to all the sports offered at the senior school.  Eighth graders have some sport choices in physical education classes.  Many of our sports also offer the opportunity for interscholastic competition. And at each succeeding level, the selection of sports becomes more specialized and increasingly competitive with other schools or clubs.  By grades 9 and 10, students compete in at least two seasons of after-school sports.  And in grades 11 and 12, students must choose to participate in at least one sport per school year.  When a sport selection is not made, a physical fitness program tailored to the individual student is a required alternative.

Interscholastic Competition Participation Philosophy

One of the important goals of any athletic contest is to strive to win. At times this goal comes into conflict with another important goal -- participation by every member of the squad. The Athletic/Physical Education Department believes that there must be a proper balance between each of these goals and that this balance is dependent upon the level of competition. At levels of competition in which the participants are first gaining experience, it is important that the desire to win be subordinate to participation to allow each individual an opportunity to develop his skills to the fullest extent possible. At levels of competition in which the participants are more mature, it is equally important that the individual's desire to play be subordinate to a group's goal to win. While striving for the proper balance between maximum participation and a team's desire to succeed at each level, it is imperative that every participant earn the right to play by displaying those attitudinal characteristics of hard work, cooperation, concentration, and sportsmanship.

image_preview-1.jpegJohn Burroughs School believes that any student who is a member of a team has an obligation to the other players, the coaches, and the school not only to maintain proper physical conditioning but to meet training guidelines as outlined by the athletic department. Since physical training is a necessity for disciplined bodies, the coaching staff has formulated a training code regulated by a training system. Most players have a set of high standards and do not need a specific reminder about proper training and conditioning; but to prevent misunderstanding and to help those who are in doubt, the details are hereby clearly and simply written.

To be a member in good standing of any team which represents John Burroughs School in interscholastic competition, a player is not permitted to drink, smoke, or possess or use drugs, and must try to adhere to the specific training rules set by the coach.

Violations of the training rules will be handled in the following manner. Any reported violation will be investigated by the coach. If the coach thinks that there has been a violation, he will report the incident to the athletic director.  After meeting with the player(s) involved, a final decision will be made by the coach, athletic director and Head of school.

Physical Examinations

John Burroughs School requires each student to furnish evidence annually of a physical examination by a doctor. The form must be returned prior to the book sales in August, or for those participating in fall varsity sports, before the beginning of August practice.  Students without completed medical forms cannot get their schedule or books on book sale day.  If there are any special requests or comments a parent wishes to make, please attach an additional sheet to the physical form with that request.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Students may not participate in after-school activities, including athletic practices and competition, unless they attend school for at least five periods the day of the scheduled activity.